Seeking Leaders: FLOURISH Community Leaders Cabinet

Please see below message from FLOURISH, an initiative of Generate Health: 

Beginning in 2019, we will change how FLOURISH is structured to focus more on the community. A cabinet of community members will serve as the drivers of FLOURISH’s work. While community members have always been involved, this new structure elevates them to the role of primary decision-makers for FLOURISH. Community members are critical, because they have the lived experience that will identify exactly where barriers exist, and what solutions can best overcome them, so we can achieve greater racial equity. We are looking to partners like you to help us identify dynamic moms, dads and other caregivers to serve on the FLOURISH Community Leaders Cabinet. I have attached a description detailing the role and responsibilities, which also includes a simple sign up form for interested persons.

Thanks for your support in helping to build an equitable St. Louis!

Community members interested in serving on the Leaders Cabinet should sign up by January 31st.